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2018 Online Registration

Please use the link at the top of the page to complete the registration process for the 2017 season.  You can use your credit card, or check to complete the registration. If this is your first time using our online payment option you will need to create a user account.


No player can participate in any Riverflow Soccer Club training session until all club dues are paid in full or agreed upon payment plan has been put in place.

2018 Program Cost


U9 BOYS $350.00

U10 Girls: $400.00

U10 Boys: $400.00

U11 Boys:$400.00

U12 Boys: $400.00

U13 Boys: $400.00

U14 Girls:400.00

14 Boys: $400.00

U16 Boys: $400.00

U18/19 Boys: $500.00

Riverflow Adult Team: $150.00

Soccer Girls Rule: $50.00